The Undomestic Goddess By Sophie Kinsella

I read this novel yesterday it was different from Don Quixote for this novel is commercial fiction. It is the stereotypical chick-lit novel and you already know all the characters. The protagonist is Samantha Sweeting who leaves her job as an attorney to go clean loos as a housekeeper for a couple of airheads who believe Samantha is autistic. In the country she meets the gardener who is super hot and super smart obviously she falls in love with him. This novel had me in conflict because it seems so antifeminist yet I don’t think it is talking about feminism but about being overly stressed. The woman is a workaholic who never gets a free weekend her employers in the country give her weekends free so she loves her job as a housekeeper though she can’t cook and doesn’t know how to clean. It is hilarious. This book is a fun book to read when you are really bored. I was laughing the whole time though it made me mad when she decided to leave her career to go clean loos. At times she wanted to go back to the city and get her job back as an attorney but she was not clear about what she wanted. She decided to go back yet at the last minute she gave up on her dream career. The novel has a “happy” ending since she stays with the gardener. Overall all the characters are stock characters you know the ending of the story from the very begging nothing that surprises you very much.



One Response to “The Undomestic Goddess By Sophie Kinsella”

  1. Barbra Novac Says:

    Hey – great post! I’m currently reading ‘Twenties Girl’ and I am having the same expereince that you seemed to have. There are no surprises, but I am having a really good time. Sometimes these kinds of novels are a bit like watching TV. Just a break between hitting life hard.
    I’ll make this my next Sophie Kinsella based on your reccomendation!

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