Faggots by Larry Kramer

Faggots by Larry Kramer has been banned and received by the gay community as a traitorous depiction of the gay community in the 1970s. However, now it is taught in Gay Studies classes in Universities as a classic gay novel. 🙂

Faggots by Larry Kramer is a novel about love, sex, drugs, and self-acceptance. Most of the characters in the novel are gay but not all of them accept the homosexual lifestyle of the 1970s in New York City. Though all the characters interact with gay men some refuse to believe that some men can actually prefer other men. There is the female character who only goes after gay males. She has sex with them and feels victorious while the men she has sex with are very much disgusted with themselves after being with her. Then there is Abe Breinstein who has a gay son and a gay grandson. He does not accept either one of them, though, before finding out they were gay he was willing to produce gay movies. The main character is Fred Lemish who is in love with Dinky.
All the characters in the novel are sexually promiscuous but Dinky is the worst. He loves to fuck. Fred is determined to make Dinky fall in love by any means. He loses weight for Dinky, is patient when Dinky goes off with other lovers, waits on Dinky, yet Dinky won’t fuck Fred.
It’s really sad to see Fred go crazy over Dinky not loving him. Dinky just wants to have fun while Fred wants a serious relationship with his Adonis.
One also sees a correlation between Fred’s love and Fred’s self-perception/ self-worth. When Dinky rejects Fred, he eats chocolate. Fred then remembers “his once ‘love handles'” and runs three miles. Every time, he is rejected by Dinky Fred tries to find solace in food and then blames himself for how things are going wrong in his life.
Ultimately, Fred learns that it is wrong to confuse sex with love. He learns that he cannot fall in love with a body. Fred has many issues one of them being his self-perception and need of acceptance. He admits to himself that going after Dinky’s affection/approval is not helping him. He comes to the realization that he must first accept himself so as to enable himself to find true love. Fred realizes he is not going to find his true love in the promiscuous drug ridden homosexual scene of NYC and he says goodbye to that. Fred has a lot to learn but he has learned that he has to work for what he wants and not to settle for less than what he deserves. Larry Kramer’s novel is a great book.



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