Fear of Flying by Erica Jong

The Zipless Fuck, I think this is a fantacy that a lot of women have but are not going to speak  to others because of the maddona/whore dichotomy. Women would see as whores if they expressed their desires to simply fuck a guy they do not know or care about. “The zipless fuck is absolutely pure…there no power game. The man is not “taking” and the woman is not “giving.” The zipless fuck is the purest thing there is.” Of course, this is only in theory because we all know that sex is not that simple. Actions have consequences and when women and sex are involved the consequence is usually: GUILT.

The protagonist of the novel, Isadora, does have her zipless fuck but in reality it is not a true zipless fuck. A zipless fuck is one where you don’t really know the man and she talks to him way too much for the affair to be absolutely pure. Now, I think that if you are going to have a sexual object you cannot allow yourself to let the object have a life. Therefore, have him speak as little as possible. Isadora spoke with her sexual object way too much that she fell in love with him or so she believed. A zipless fuck is free of emotions it is pure lust, desire, and orgasm. Isadora did not even have an orgasm with her sexual object what’s more he was limp most of the time. Aside from that she felt so much guilt for being with him consequently it was not a genuine zipless fuck. There are many instances where Isadora mentions that religion, Judaism, has brought guilt to people especially to women when it comes to sex. It is because of this guilt that a woman cannot trully enjoy her zipless fuck. Sex should not bring guilt to women. Sex should only bring orgasms. Women need to learn to appreciate their bodies and give them pleasure. Once women learn that sex is not to bring guilt, women will stop going for the primative men who do not give them pleasure but give them drama. I am not sure that the Zipless Fuck is possible for women because even if we feel liberated we still learn that women should be the gate keepers and not want sex. Men will blame the woman, “this was your idea.” Women feel guilt if they want sex. All I know is that a zipless fuck seems cool but only in theory ….”Show me a woman who doesn’t feel guilt and I’ll show you a man.”



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