Fix by Leslie Margolis

I have never given thought to plastic surgery but Fix by Leslie Margolis made me thing about it. To me plastic surgery has been something people do when they are old and on television. I know that no one is perfect yet people continue to strive to achieve perfection. Some will even die to achieve what is aesthetically perfect. In Fix Margolis gives the point of view of two teenage girls who are about to have plastic surgery.

Cameron is someone who suffered in her childhood because of a large nurse. After having her nose done, she was thought of beautiful. She loved the attention and being called beautiful yet she did not feel she was beautiful enough. Cameron continually compared herself to others specially her mother who had been a famous actress in the late eighties. Her sister, Allie, on the other hand, does not feel ostracized because of her large nose. She however feels pressured to get a nose job when she turns 15. She has many doubts but decides that she is not going to give to the concept of unrealistic unattainable beauty of society. I’ve never really cared about looks or clothes thinking that was superficial. What’s more, when I took my license picture I just brushed my hair and didn’t wear makeup. I still wear make up from time to time but it is not important to me. I don’t think I would save money to get plastic surgery unless I really needed to get it. For example, if my face was deformed because of an accident. It also makes me think that I’m trying to lose weight but I think that is for health reasons and not vanity. So is plastic surgery the same as losing weight? We do these things sometimes to the extreme to conform to the aesthetic ideals of western society and the ones who suffer the most from these aesthetic ideals are women. Men have suffered too but there is the double standard: men are judge more for their brains women are judge by their looks.

“By actively not caring about your image, you’re choosing to present yourself to the world in a very specific way”–Leslie Margolis


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