Men are the New Woman- Cindy Guiry

he Last Single Woman in America

This memoir was written by a single woman who is in a quest to find self acceptance and love. The chapter that really struck to me was the chapter: Men are the new women. This chapter was the most interesting because she focuses here on how women have changed through time but men have gotten stuck. Women have changed their roles in society  but men don’t like to change. What is more if men do change they do not move forward but backward. There is a quote from the chapter that resonated the most with me: No guys my age knew where to find an auto parts store because no guys my age knew what to do with auto parts. ” They don’t know how to fix cars!” I blurted out as if just solving a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune. ” They’re too busy checking themselves out in the mirror. They’re slathering product in their hair. They’re getting manicure. They’re reading fashion magazines, if you can believe that one!” …I want a man who can change a flat tire. Sure, I can do it. I just don’t want to do it. I’m a girl.

It reminded me of a time in Orange County when Yolis and I could not get a car door open. We asked many men to help us but they did not know how to open the door. Tssk tssk We just kept thinking of how in the past men knew things that were once thought of as masculine like taking care of cars. Women today are trying to do everything and men are not trying anything new. Instead of moving forward as in helping stop sexism men are getting sick. Men have all of a sudden become worried with their appearance and becoming sick with bulimia and or anorexia. Another thing that LNP Socias and other women have had to suffer with men has been how they have become bitchier. I mean women have tried to stop crying and when they cry it is because they are in pain but men. OMG men have started to bitch about everything. Anyway I don’t want to bitch like a guy.

This memoir was fun.



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