The Beauty Myth vs. The Morning After

The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women by Naomi Wolf

Pornography imposes beauty standards on women
Women are obsessed with being sexy or asexual ( there is no middle ground)
as a consequence women become anorexic or bulimic
women are victims and men are the aggressors
men plan to control women through advertisement and the beauty myth
women are obsessed with never being old
backlash is real
women are trying to be both feminine and masculine
women’s new work in the masculine world pressures them
sexism is everywhere and women confront it every day
sex/rape images are everywhere

The Morning After: Sex, Fear, and Feminism by Katie Roiphe

Rape obsessed society
Pornography is not to be blamed for rapes
rape stories are exaggerated
feminists are hypocrites
feminists are trying to show women as passive
feminists want control over sex
women are scared of sex because of feminists
if you wear lipstick you’re not a feminist
backlash is a myth
women are trying to go back to the Victorian Ideal of sex
sexism, sexual harrasment and, rape are invented by feminist to control sex
men are victims of feminists
Naomi Wolf is melodramatic
Feminists equate sex with rape
Feminist think sex is evil

I read both book to get both sides of the argument. I agree with some points these women make. I agree that Naomi Wolf exaggerated a bit to make her point. I do not believe men sat down to try and find a new way to control women with the beauty myth after women went out into the work force. I agree with Wolf that women have a problem with body image that is given to us through pornography, the soft core porno we see in advertisement and mainstream movies. Women, either heterosexual or homosexual, want to look like what they see in pictures since that is sold as the ideal. The ideal is what will guarantee a sexual mate. Human being being sexual mates want to be attractive and sexy to get a mate but some will risk their lives to get it. Some women like Wolf says in her book want to get rid of the unwanted attention they get from men by getting rid of the curves. I agree with Katie Roiphe that women should not be scared of going out and thinking that a man can rape them. However, I disagree with Katie Roiphe in that feminists are scaring women into thinking every man is a potential rapist. Both books were written in the 1990s and somethings are dated. For example, anorexia seemed to be a female problem however now more and more males are suffering from anorexia. Both books made me think a lot about how sex is used as a weapon and made me mad. It was a good, if you can say good type of anger, since it made me think more about sexual politics.



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