Por divercion jaja makes me laugh everytime

April 7, 2011

San Antonio, encuéntrame novio.

San Maroto, como el de la foto.

San Eleazar que me saque a pasear.

San Gabriel, que me sea fiel.

San Alejo, que no sea pendejo.

San Muñoz, que no sea eyaculador precoz.

Santa Filomena, que me pague la cena

San Hilario, que me dé todo el salario.

San Erasmo, que me lleve hasta el orgasmo.

Santo Tomás, por delante y por detrás.

Santa Carlota, que la tenga bien grandota.


San Matías, que me lo haga tooooodos los días.

San Canuto, que no sea Puto

San Antoñito, mandame un novio bajito.

San Hilarion, que sea un poco jodon.

Santa Cecilia que me ame sin malicia.

San Tarcisio, que no tenga ningun vicio.

San Nicanor, que sea bien limpio y sin olor.

Santa Magdalena, que tenga linda melena.

Santa Teresit,a que no me haga la calesita.

San Blas, que no me chameye de más.

San Ireneo, que me pasee en trineo.



Fear of Flying by Erica Jong

April 7, 2011

The Zipless Fuck, I think this is a fantacy that a lot of women have but are not going to speak  to others because of the maddona/whore dichotomy. Women would see as whores if they expressed their desires to simply fuck a guy they do not know or care about. “The zipless fuck is absolutely pure…there no power game. The man is not “taking” and the woman is not “giving.” The zipless fuck is the purest thing there is.” Of course, this is only in theory because we all know that sex is not that simple. Actions have consequences and when women and sex are involved the consequence is usually: GUILT.

The protagonist of the novel, Isadora, does have her zipless fuck but in reality it is not a true zipless fuck. A zipless fuck is one where you don’t really know the man and she talks to him way too much for the affair to be absolutely pure. Now, I think that if you are going to have a sexual object you cannot allow yourself to let the object have a life. Therefore, have him speak as little as possible. Isadora spoke with her sexual object way too much that she fell in love with him or so she believed. A zipless fuck is free of emotions it is pure lust, desire, and orgasm. Isadora did not even have an orgasm with her sexual object what’s more he was limp most of the time. Aside from that she felt so much guilt for being with him consequently it was not a genuine zipless fuck. There are many instances where Isadora mentions that religion, Judaism, has brought guilt to people especially to women when it comes to sex. It is because of this guilt that a woman cannot trully enjoy her zipless fuck. Sex should not bring guilt to women. Sex should only bring orgasms. Women need to learn to appreciate their bodies and give them pleasure. Once women learn that sex is not to bring guilt, women will stop going for the primative men who do not give them pleasure but give them drama. I am not sure that the Zipless Fuck is possible for women because even if we feel liberated we still learn that women should be the gate keepers and not want sex. Men will blame the woman, “this was your idea.” Women feel guilt if they want sex. All I know is that a zipless fuck seems cool but only in theory ….”Show me a woman who doesn’t feel guilt and I’ll show you a man.”


For The New Intellectual Ayn Rand

April 7, 2011

Ayn Rand has a VERY INTERESTING philosophy. I truly enjoyed reading it because she speaks of how other’s control society depriving people of a free will. We are told how to LIVE our LIVES and how to FEEL. We are not allowed to think for ourselves according to AYN RAND. I suppose it is true that we sometimes prefer not to stand out because our way of thinking does not conform with that of the rest of society. It is easier to conform and to live like others WANT US TO LIVE. There are three ways of living according to Rand that will determine how a person will survive:


A man’s method of using his consciousness determines his method of survival…the man of force, the man of feelings, the man of reason-or the brute, the mystic, the thinker. AYN RAND ADVOCATES RATIONALITY: I think therefore I am.<span> </span> The man of force will use is muscle to force his believes on people. This person (men) the most obvious opressor because he uses the military to control people. This type of person is a brute because he does not think he acts. He is the closest to an animal in that he is led by instinct not rationality.

<span> </span>The man of feeling or mystic is a bit more sneeky because he does use some reasoning to control you. I am under the impression that what she is speaking of here is the idea of RELIGION & LOVE. I belive Rand is speaking of these two ideas because RELIGION & LOVE both speak of SACRIFICE, GUILT, AND FEAR. Rand asserts,The Word that has destroyed you is ‘sacrifice’. ” It takes some inginuity to convince people to sacrife what they desire and need for others. I agree with her that one should not sacrifice one’s person for that of other. Yes, this sounds selfish but why be dependent on others. Shouldn’t we all look for our happiness without having to suffer first? I mean it makes no sense that I should work hard for what I want and then give it to someone who had the same opportunity to work for it and made a conscious decision no to work. I don’t care to be “eternally” happy when I die. I want to feel pleasure while I live. I don’t want to think of the idea of an after life. There might not be an after life and I am certain of this life. Rand states, “Guilt and fear are the disintegrators of a man’s consciousness or a society’s culture….don’t look-don’t judge-don’t be certain.” So the mystic first convinces you that you must feel guilty of having more than others. WHY SHOULD I FEEL GUILTY OF WHAT I HAVE or WHAT I DESIRE??? I do not feel guilty of what I have. I think we all have the capacity to get what we want. I am one of those people who believe that if you don’t have something you claim to want it is because you don’t really want it. I should only feel guilty for not working hard for what I claim to want and not achieving it. However, the mystic tells me that the way to show my love and devotion to others or to god is by feeling guilty. My guilt will then make me give to others and show that I am not selfish. According to the mystic if I am selfish I will go to HELL. No body wants to go to HELL. Therefore, people conform to the idea of giving away what they worked hard for feeling guilty for FEAR OF GOING TO HELL. This hell is not the Christian Hell but that of the ostracised. No one wants to be excluded from society. We all want to feel loved consequently we give in to the ideas of the mystic. The mystic makes us not see with our eyes. Love makes you blind or we are all the same in the eyes of GOD. Yeah, don’t think don’t see. Do not judge anyone because you are not perfect. Try as you might you will never be perfect therefore you feel guilty. Do not stand for your believes and do not make them known because if they are not the same as the mystic’s you will be burned at the stake: YOU ARE A HERETIC, A WITCH ETC. Fear will keep you from thinking. You do not want to die in this world or miss out on eternal life, IF THERE IS ONE, because you dared to think. After all the desire for knowledge was what caused mankind to lose paradise once. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT A GOD WOULD GIVE ME THE ABILITY TO USE RATIONALITY BUT NOT WANT ME TO USE IT.

<span> </span>The way to happiness is through rationality is what AYN RAND says through out her book. One should not feel guilty or afraid because one has the ability to think. These ideas will lead each one of us to our happiness. Of course, provided that you are not thinking of destroying humanity by making them lose their ability to think freely. “There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other wrong, but the middle is always evil.” The only person who has the last word as to what is right and wrong is you. I have the ability to decided when something is right for me and when something is wrong. I have to be responsible for my own decisions and not be asking for other’s approval. However, this is the difficult aspect of being rational beings in our society. We all have been accustomed to acting as a community where we all have to think alike. We are not really individualistic we need the APPROVAL OF OTHERS. I for my part will try to think more and not ask the opinions of other’s.  I already know the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIGHTAND WRONG. I will try to stay away from the MIDDLE, THOUGH, IT WILL BE DIFFICULT FOR ME BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE.


Pink Think

April 7, 2011

WOMAN is here to please MAN and be his “ANGEL IN THE HOUSE.” I do not want to be a man’s angel I want to be a man’s partner. A man should not be intimidated by a smart woman or a woman with an opinion. A man should want a woman who can think and stimulate his mind not just his libido. Yet it’s sad to discover that even in the 2011 men still think women are here to please them because men rule. I have stopped trying to be the epitome of femininty because it’s really difficult to meet the critiria. Besides I’d reather be myself and take what I like about femininty. I do not want to conform to what men think is appropriate behavior for women. It is also sad that a woman’s worst enemy when it comes to femeninity is another woman who makes her feel less adequate.

Men are the New Woman- Cindy Guiry

April 7, 2011

he Last Single Woman in America

This memoir was written by a single woman who is in a quest to find self acceptance and love. The chapter that really struck to me was the chapter: Men are the new women. This chapter was the most interesting because she focuses here on how women have changed through time but men have gotten stuck. Women have changed their roles in society  but men don’t like to change. What is more if men do change they do not move forward but backward. There is a quote from the chapter that resonated the most with me: No guys my age knew where to find an auto parts store because no guys my age knew what to do with auto parts. ” They don’t know how to fix cars!” I blurted out as if just solving a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune. ” They’re too busy checking themselves out in the mirror. They’re slathering product in their hair. They’re getting manicure. They’re reading fashion magazines, if you can believe that one!” …I want a man who can change a flat tire. Sure, I can do it. I just don’t want to do it. I’m a girl.

It reminded me of a time in Orange County when Yolis and I could not get a car door open. We asked many men to help us but they did not know how to open the door. Tssk tssk We just kept thinking of how in the past men knew things that were once thought of as masculine like taking care of cars. Women today are trying to do everything and men are not trying anything new. Instead of moving forward as in helping stop sexism men are getting sick. Men have all of a sudden become worried with their appearance and becoming sick with bulimia and or anorexia. Another thing that LNP Socias and other women have had to suffer with men has been how they have become bitchier. I mean women have tried to stop crying and when they cry it is because they are in pain but men. OMG men have started to bitch about everything. Anyway I don’t want to bitch like a guy.

This memoir was fun.


The Beauty Myth vs. The Morning After

April 7, 2011

The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women by Naomi Wolf

Pornography imposes beauty standards on women
Women are obsessed with being sexy or asexual ( there is no middle ground)
as a consequence women become anorexic or bulimic
women are victims and men are the aggressors
men plan to control women through advertisement and the beauty myth
women are obsessed with never being old
backlash is real
women are trying to be both feminine and masculine
women’s new work in the masculine world pressures them
sexism is everywhere and women confront it every day
sex/rape images are everywhere

The Morning After: Sex, Fear, and Feminism by Katie Roiphe

Rape obsessed society
Pornography is not to be blamed for rapes
rape stories are exaggerated
feminists are hypocrites
feminists are trying to show women as passive
feminists want control over sex
women are scared of sex because of feminists
if you wear lipstick you’re not a feminist
backlash is a myth
women are trying to go back to the Victorian Ideal of sex
sexism, sexual harrasment and, rape are invented by feminist to control sex
men are victims of feminists
Naomi Wolf is melodramatic
Feminists equate sex with rape
Feminist think sex is evil

I read both book to get both sides of the argument. I agree with some points these women make. I agree that Naomi Wolf exaggerated a bit to make her point. I do not believe men sat down to try and find a new way to control women with the beauty myth after women went out into the work force. I agree with Wolf that women have a problem with body image that is given to us through pornography, the soft core porno we see in advertisement and mainstream movies. Women, either heterosexual or homosexual, want to look like what they see in pictures since that is sold as the ideal. The ideal is what will guarantee a sexual mate. Human being being sexual mates want to be attractive and sexy to get a mate but some will risk their lives to get it. Some women like Wolf says in her book want to get rid of the unwanted attention they get from men by getting rid of the curves. I agree with Katie Roiphe that women should not be scared of going out and thinking that a man can rape them. However, I disagree with Katie Roiphe in that feminists are scaring women into thinking every man is a potential rapist. Both books were written in the 1990s and somethings are dated. For example, anorexia seemed to be a female problem however now more and more males are suffering from anorexia. Both books made me think a lot about how sex is used as a weapon and made me mad. It was a good, if you can say good type of anger, since it made me think more about sexual politics.


Faggots by Larry Kramer

April 7, 2011

Faggots by Larry Kramer has been banned and received by the gay community as a traitorous depiction of the gay community in the 1970s. However, now it is taught in Gay Studies classes in Universities as a classic gay novel. 🙂

Faggots by Larry Kramer is a novel about love, sex, drugs, and self-acceptance. Most of the characters in the novel are gay but not all of them accept the homosexual lifestyle of the 1970s in New York City. Though all the characters interact with gay men some refuse to believe that some men can actually prefer other men. There is the female character who only goes after gay males. She has sex with them and feels victorious while the men she has sex with are very much disgusted with themselves after being with her. Then there is Abe Breinstein who has a gay son and a gay grandson. He does not accept either one of them, though, before finding out they were gay he was willing to produce gay movies. The main character is Fred Lemish who is in love with Dinky.
All the characters in the novel are sexually promiscuous but Dinky is the worst. He loves to fuck. Fred is determined to make Dinky fall in love by any means. He loses weight for Dinky, is patient when Dinky goes off with other lovers, waits on Dinky, yet Dinky won’t fuck Fred.
It’s really sad to see Fred go crazy over Dinky not loving him. Dinky just wants to have fun while Fred wants a serious relationship with his Adonis.
One also sees a correlation between Fred’s love and Fred’s self-perception/ self-worth. When Dinky rejects Fred, he eats chocolate. Fred then remembers “his once ‘love handles'” and runs three miles. Every time, he is rejected by Dinky Fred tries to find solace in food and then blames himself for how things are going wrong in his life.
Ultimately, Fred learns that it is wrong to confuse sex with love. He learns that he cannot fall in love with a body. Fred has many issues one of them being his self-perception and need of acceptance. He admits to himself that going after Dinky’s affection/approval is not helping him. He comes to the realization that he must first accept himself so as to enable himself to find true love. Fred realizes he is not going to find his true love in the promiscuous drug ridden homosexual scene of NYC and he says goodbye to that. Fred has a lot to learn but he has learned that he has to work for what he wants and not to settle for less than what he deserves. Larry Kramer’s novel is a great book.

Fix by Leslie Margolis

April 7, 2011

I have never given thought to plastic surgery but Fix by Leslie Margolis made me thing about it. To me plastic surgery has been something people do when they are old and on television. I know that no one is perfect yet people continue to strive to achieve perfection. Some will even die to achieve what is aesthetically perfect. In Fix Margolis gives the point of view of two teenage girls who are about to have plastic surgery.

Cameron is someone who suffered in her childhood because of a large nurse. After having her nose done, she was thought of beautiful. She loved the attention and being called beautiful yet she did not feel she was beautiful enough. Cameron continually compared herself to others specially her mother who had been a famous actress in the late eighties. Her sister, Allie, on the other hand, does not feel ostracized because of her large nose. She however feels pressured to get a nose job when she turns 15. She has many doubts but decides that she is not going to give to the concept of unrealistic unattainable beauty of society. I’ve never really cared about looks or clothes thinking that was superficial. What’s more, when I took my license picture I just brushed my hair and didn’t wear makeup. I still wear make up from time to time but it is not important to me. I don’t think I would save money to get plastic surgery unless I really needed to get it. For example, if my face was deformed because of an accident. It also makes me think that I’m trying to lose weight but I think that is for health reasons and not vanity. So is plastic surgery the same as losing weight? We do these things sometimes to the extreme to conform to the aesthetic ideals of western society and the ones who suffer the most from these aesthetic ideals are women. Men have suffered too but there is the double standard: men are judge more for their brains women are judge by their looks.

“By actively not caring about your image, you’re choosing to present yourself to the world in a very specific way”–Leslie Margolis

The Undomestic Goddess By Sophie Kinsella

April 17, 2010

I read this novel yesterday it was different from Don Quixote for this novel is commercial fiction. It is the stereotypical chick-lit novel and you already know all the characters. The protagonist is Samantha Sweeting who leaves her job as an attorney to go clean loos as a housekeeper for a couple of airheads who believe Samantha is autistic. In the country she meets the gardener who is super hot and super smart obviously she falls in love with him. This novel had me in conflict because it seems so antifeminist yet I don’t think it is talking about feminism but about being overly stressed. The woman is a workaholic who never gets a free weekend her employers in the country give her weekends free so she loves her job as a housekeeper though she can’t cook and doesn’t know how to clean. It is hilarious. This book is a fun book to read when you are really bored. I was laughing the whole time though it made me mad when she decided to leave her career to go clean loos. At times she wanted to go back to the city and get her job back as an attorney but she was not clear about what she wanted. She decided to go back yet at the last minute she gave up on her dream career. The novel has a “happy” ending since she stays with the gardener. Overall all the characters are stock characters you know the ending of the story from the very begging nothing that surprises you very much.

Don Quixote of La Mancha

April 15, 2010

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

In the first two books of the first part Don Quixote is mad but he is still a participant of the stories and he is the protagonist of the adventures. However, in the third books of the first part he is really mad and he becomes more of an accessory to his own story and the stories of the other character take charge of the novel. Don Quixote in the last two books only appears from time to time causing trouble being shown as a mad man except when not speaking of chivalry.  The First Part of the Delightful History of the Most Ingenious Knight Don Quixote of La Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra Translated by Thomas Shelton is a novel full of stories that although written 400 years ago are still relevant today. A lot of the ideas that Cervantes Saavedra conveys to his readers are those that contemporary authors are currently writing about.

Cervantes Saavedra criticizes those who take books written to pass the time so seriously for it kills the brains of men as brilliant as Don Quixote. Throughout the novel the author of the lets it be known that Don Quixote is a very intelligent man but that because he took the books he read as true histories he has gone mad. The Cervantes Saavedra is of the opinion that books on chivalry and romances should be taken as books that are related to the passing of time and not to instruct the reader on manners and history. He spends several chapters describing how “the number of ignorant …exceed that of the judicious;…yet would [he] not willingly subject [him]self to the confused judgment of the senseless vulgar, who commonly give themselves most unto the reading of such books” (Cervantes, 477). He satires romances, chivalry, and comedies trough out his novel expressing how absurd they truly are. Through his secondary characters we see that romances are ludicrous yet we, the vulgar, take them so seriously striving to find that idealized partner which we read about in novels and see in comedies. Perhaps, today we do not read as much but we certainly find those stories in movies and songs. Don Quixote is in love with Dulcinea del Toboso, a woman he made up, and will kill anyone who speaks ill of her. He hears of men going mad as a consequence of love not returned therefore Don Quixote decides he too will room the woods naked and beating himself up until Dulcinea loves him back. We now read of men and women drinking their lives away because their lovers leave them or committing suicide for the same reason. If these stories were not sung or made into movies, would people do these things? The love stories in the novel are truly absurd. Yet, these absurd love stories are the plausible stories in the novel. I believe Cervantes Saavedra was just making fun of romances since they don’t seem plausible at all.

Don Quixote’s madness reminded me of the madness some people suffer from when they are addicted to video games and comics. Don Quixote is a really intelligent man who can have conversations about any topic however once chivalry is mentioned he goes into his madness. Just like many people can have a conversation about anything and seem truly intelligent until a video game is mentioned. Now I can relate to this for as you can recall I was addicted to Myspace and Mobsters. I can also get a little defensive when talking about Harry Potter and Dragon Ball Z. I suppose a lot of us are a little mad in some ways the difference is that not all of us think we are superheroes like Don Quixote believed. We have all heard of those Chinese teenagers who have become addicted to video games and believing they are superheroes have jumped off buildings thinking they can fly. Don Quixote did not believe he could fly however he did believe he could save the world from giants, robbers, the Moors, and other oppressors of the weak. It is interesting to read of the adventures that Don Quixote and Sancho Panza have when they try to defend people from wrongs done unto them because though Don Quixote means well he always complicates things for the victims and ends up making things worse for them. Yet we get a laugh out of it and sometimes are sadden by the outcome of the adventures they have.

The novel is just a great read. It talks about love, racism, sex, classism, friendship, intellect, and madness. It is a great novel to read. I really enjoyed the novel up to the end. I did not like the conclusion it just leaves you hanging but I would recommend the novel to anyone who likes to laugh. I will not be reading the second part this year perhaps later I will try to read it.

“’That is a natural condition of women,’” quoth Don Quixote, ‘to disdain those that love them, and to affect those which hate them’” (Cervantes, 157).  I don’t think it is true but I think a lot believe in this. Which is sad.